Thursday, April 28, 2011


It was early morning; I could hear the birds chirping in a distance. The soft sun was showing signs of arrival and the warm golden beams were illuminating the earth.  The gentle winds made the grassland sway with joy as if welcoming day break and exuberating happiness. The soothing breeze, the delicate scent of the earth and the cheerful chirping of birds conveyed a sense of how peaceful nature was with itself. The peace of the environment was such that it could soothe a person with ruffled nerves.

Man and nature have a stark resemblance. While we have mood swings like rage, sorrow, happiness; nature too exhibits itself through storm, cold winter, parched summer & a warm morning. However serenity and peace lies at the heart of existence. 

We need to look inwards to find peace and solitude. Calming the rage within, sorting the internal strife sometimes of the heart and mind. Being at peace with your soul.

 Just as we chance upon a perfect morning that leaves us mesmerized, similarly we come across some people in our life who radiate peace. The look of serenity on their face leaves us awestruck. That is perfect harmony! Perfect peace!

The serenity within, creates an atmosphere of its own. The brightness in the eyes, the glow of the skin and the warmth of a smile is quite like the ‘The soothing breeze, the delicate scent of the earth and the cheerful chirping of birds.’ of a warm early morning.

Semblance between man & nature to find perfect harmony within.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anna Hazare.. Lokpal Bill..Corruption! The Root Cause Is Way Deeper

It only takes determination followed by action to start a movement. Anna Hazare as we all know is a perfect embodiment of this. While a lot of us supported the movement and have been plagued by the menace of corruption but the root cause and problem is much deeper. While we all suffer from corruption, at a more basic level, we are the ones who in our small way, have also fed the menace.

Giving Rs 5000 to get passport renewal in a week without standing in queues, using contacts to get a driving license, paying donation for school admissions; whilst such means made tasks quicker and hassle free, it has acted as fodder for corruption. While people in power made more money and we made our life simple, the foundation of corruption grew stronger.

We might play the blame game and say politicians are corrupt, but when we look inwards this vice lies in all of us. We have been a lucrative audience that has let this disease proliferate.

We tend to garb it with fashionable terms like ‘incentivizing’, when we are actually bribing. ‘Leveraging relationships’, when we are actually cutting queues. You might say am on a moral brigade here, but the truth is that corruption is a way of life.

While passing a bill is a step in the right direction but the success of the movement lies in our hands. We can gather at India gate and pledge support but if you truly believe that corruption should stop then the clean up starts with you!!