Thursday, January 29, 2015


She stood at the edge, the long sturdy bridge stood right in front of her and beneath it the fearless carefree water gurgled precariously as though laughing at the girl. All she had to do was cross the bridge and reach her destination. Her dreams were on the other side of the bridge and all she had to do was, cross it. What lay between her and her dreams? Why couldn't she just take that leap of faith and go on to the other side? She always wanted to be there.

She looked at the bridge; she stared at her dream right in its face. Her heart leapt..Go..go...go. What stopped her was something no one can see, no one can smell or touch. It was something which the river down below mocked at. It was the “fear”. The fear of the unknown; the fear of the worst. The fear that grips you and makes your destination look tough when it’s right there in front of you. When all you have to do is run across, the fear clings on to you and makes the simplest of things look like the toughest hurdles of life.

We all are faced with such situations day in and day out. It is not the lack of capability, or the circumstances or the confidence that hinders us. It is plain and simple fear which stops us from getting what we want. A self constructed illusion of the mind that intoxicates us and numbs our faculties and chills us to the bone.  Fear is nothing but a delusionary state of mind which concocts negative instances in our head and makes them seemingly real. It chokes our sensibility and makes us stiff and nervous. Just spare a moment to think, if you eliminate this devil called Fear from you mind, getting to your dreams seems to be the most natural thing.

What lay between the girl and her dream was a bridge. A simple harmless bridge. All she had to do was cross it but the mind was seized with fear. The fear of toppling over, the fear of the bridge collapsing, the fear of the worst created an environment in which the destination seemed farfetched.

It’s true that the toughest battle you fight is with yourself and the most powerful enemy you will ever face will be your own fear. Hence where the mind is without a place unknown to me.