Saturday, March 27, 2010

Simple Pleasures Post 2: FLYING HIGH IN THE SKY

Looking at the bright blue skies and somewhere far away I can hear birds chirping. Some of those wonderful creatures have perched themselves on the branches and some are flying carelessly enjoying the true bliss of freedom.

Looking at birds in the expanse can be one of the most enthralling experiences. They are the true personification of freedom. Sometimes perched and sometimes gliding, birds are the most elegant and vibrant creations of the Almighty. The hues celebrate color, their form is symbolic of variety and their life is reflective of strong and firm self sustenance.

If we observe them carefully, they teach us the true meaning of persistence and survival. Flying miles for food, nurturing their young ones with utmost devotion and yet being truly free, are only some of the learning we can imbibe.

It’s truly amazing how much we can learn if we simply observe these speechless creatures. 

Just watching them flying high or perched on the trees, fills me with tranquility. The sense of respect and humility overpowers me and I realize that in the simple pleasure of observing simple creatures lies the true meaning of life.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Simple Pleasures Post 1: WHEN LIGHT FILLS UP LIFE

I can see my surroundings lit up. An ambience of joy is spreading cheer. In a distance I see children playing, and elders exchanging pleasantries. The torturous summer is bidding farewell and a refreshing chill in the air is welcoming the winters.

Yes my friends it’s close to the month of October and November and the spirit of festivity is spreading happiness. Some of you must have guessed by now what I am talking about. It is the time of Diwali that is lighting up the world. The warm festival celebrated by Indian in all parts of the globe.

The ritual of dipping diyas in water, filling them up with oil and lighting them to decorate our homes is the most delicate and intrinsic feature of the festival.

The fragrance of lit diyas is comforting and pious. The flickering wig is under cutting the darkness and filling our lives with light. It is illuminating our homes and welcoming positive energies in our lives. It’s this light that spreads equality and bridges divides between the haves and the have-nots. It spreads the same light that lights up a hut and a mansion. Suddenly in the dark skies all we see is a thousand of flickers that makes all look one.

A small and mostly a routine ritual in all Indian homes but it’s this simple pleasure of lighting up a diya that makes Diwali so special. Decorating our homes with ultimate authenticity and Indian taste that makes it look splendid. And spreading light by lighting up a small diya conveys the greatness that lies behind simple pleasures we all have in our lives.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Coming up next...series on simple pleasures of life....

Watch out for more. Till then happy reading

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When silence speaks....

Its early morning, the rising sun beams takes away the chill from the air. Flowers are beginning to bloom and you can see the nature welcoming a beautiful and bright day. The silence of nature is speaking volumes about the beauty around. The bright leaves and the sun rays are spreading their charm.

That my friend; is the tale of silence which nature speaks and we often fail to hear. Stuck in the rut of city life where we wake up to the noise of the water pump and the honking of the horn on the road, our mind is too frantic to observe the silence of a morning. Running from pillar to post, completing chores we are always in a rush to accomplish things. The peace of the day ends before it begins.

But what is it that we are missing out on? Is a question we seldom ask ourselves.
We are missing out on the most precious moments in life which are best lived in peace and tranquility. We are missing out on the feeling of peace and contentment which the silence of nature and the beauty of a morning give us. Lazing in the sun on a sunny winter morning, sitting in the garden during a summer sun rise, are moments in life when we pause and look around. We see that nature speaks and laughs and emits noises which are like music to our ears and a balm for our ruffled nerves.

It is important that we break away from the clutter and soothe our nerves. While this might sound too philosophical, but this is exactly what yoga does. Relaxing your body and sensitizing your senses can be done best in an environment which promises peace and tranquility.
Highest sense of awareness, concentration and introspection need the serenity of nature.

The silence of nature speaks a thousand words that have a calming effect. Some say, it’s therapeutic, I say it’s the simple joy of life in the lap of nature.