Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Often I have heard people say, man is a social animal. We all need relationships in life to survive, but am not too sure if that holds true in today’s day and age. All around me I see relationships on tenterhooks. Growing impatience, greater insecurities and people gasping for breath. I begin to wonder if man is truly a social animal or a being resorting to isolation misconstrued as ‘freedom’.

He says, ‘she is too demanding and nagging and am done trying to make up each time’. Someone else says ‘he is too insecure about me I feel tied down.’ Later another one says, ‘He is seeing someone else’.

We all proudly say, our generation is much better that that of our siblings and parents but the issues we grapple with today is still the same. Insecurity, intolerance, jealousy, curtailing freedom – relationships all around are still maligned with the same age old issues. So how are we better / different from our older generation?

Our personal relationships today are just like our jobs sometimes. Unpredictable, demanding and performance oriented. If you were to draw a parallel there is not much of a difference. We need to innovate to survive both at your desk and at home - In office to stay ahead of the rest and at home to add the spark and the fun. You need to give it time, be it your wife or you file. Yes, the truth today also is, there are no loyalties. We all move for better jobs, and the sad truth is, the growing intolerance in relationships is reflective of a similar movement there.

While I do know some of you will refute saying, sanctity of relationships exist and somewhere I would not doubt that. However, I do believe that its takes two to tango and it’s up to the two to not just know about the sanctity but also apply it.

Now when I see a Mills & Boons in a book store, I just stop by and smile at the make believe world of it and I hear a girl at the counter say, which is the latest Khushwant Singh or Shobha De novel? New age realism I guess.