Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It was a star lit night; the cool breeze was romancing with the jasmine flowers. Far away I could hear someone play an old favorite track of mine and within seconds it took me down memory lane and before I knew something trickled from the corner of my eye and stumbled upon a smile on the lips.

I was blissfully sleeping in the cozy comfort of my bed when my slumber was gently rocked by the melodious tune of a song that took me back to my childhood and I got up and called up my mom.

In the afternoon I bumped into a friend I had an estranged relationship with. We both came face to face accidentally after years and did not have much to share except a strange awkwardness. To our surprise, someone in the hallway started playing the song both of us used to love. Silence gave way to a smile, and a warm glance and awkwardness was substituted by conversation.

The power of music is such that it can heal wounds and soothe ruffled nerves. The power of music is not curtailed by language, geographic boundaries and even time. It not only connects people but also connects the threads of one’s own life. Connects the present with the past and also the present with the dreamy future.

There is always a song we can associate with some or the other instance in life. No wonder they say there is a song for every occasion. It hard to say what about music moves the human soul. Is it the lyrics or the mere musical melody?  Whatever it might be it is a form of art which everyone can relate to.