Sunday, July 24, 2005

Meandering Between the Extremes

As the water cascades down in the beautiful woods and the permeated wind intoxicates his senses, the mind pauses and ponders..."What is existence if not the cascading waters"

As the water flows down the isle so does life flows down the everchanging expanse of life. Life is nothing but a flow. A flow which has no parameters and no extremes no boundaries and no limits. Often people digress and judge experiences in life but that is a microscopic view of life. Such people clearly have a blinkered and straight jacketed way of viewing life.

Existence is to be experienced and lived and not judged and analyzed by a third eye existence and life is lived like a flow of water it leaves no scope of judgement. There is nothing which is right or wrong if you look at it as a flow. A flow of experience which gurgles down the years like sparkling blue water sometimes appears black and dull in the darkness of the night and sometimes it glistens in the sunlight,such is life in its various shades and nothing is black or white everything is in "shades of grey"

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