Monday, February 13, 2006

When Eve ate the fateful apple it appeared to be a delicacy to her but when the wall of ignorance was shattered she realized that the delectable apple was nothing but a plot. The paradise was lost and repentance, animosity and bitterness replaced the bliss of ignorance.

It is a less realized truth, that ignorance is actually bliss. Ignorance creates a self satisfied realm where the ‘happily ever after’ syndrome seems real. The rosy dreamy eyed girl enjoys the wind caressing her face and believes that all her dreams of the knight in shining armor will come true. The make believe becomes a real-time faith. Ignorance enables us to accept theories at their face value. Appearance is the truest form of existence, the attractive apple which appeared to be sweet becomes actually sweet. Ignorance brings with it happiness and the tranquility of peace. Our belief in what is out there brings about a complacence which induces lethargy to question.

But as time passes by and man undergoes change, the blissful mist of ignorance is invaded with the sunlight of knowledge. The light of awareness and exposure caves in with breath taking speed and pierces the mist of ignorance. And before we know, our make believe world seems like a farce, we undercut everything that exists. Critique replaces acceptance. As the light of awareness spreads far and wide every human starts questioning relationships and the very essence of existence.

Its then that realization dawns upon us and we see that what appeared to be an exotic landscape in the mist of ignorance is nothing but a heap of scum in the light of awareness. A relationship which was built on assumptions was happy till the time man believed those assumptions to be real. The day he woke up to question them, the relationship broke and reality stared him in his face. The happiness that prevailed with ignorance gave way to misery brought about by rebellion. The day man stands up and questions the validity and the reason for existence that will be the day he will be able to distinguish between the seed and the chaff, the genuine and the farce. He will see that what he believed to be true was nothing but makes believe and the real is something which is shrouded in the oblivion.

In the present day awareness and exposure is rampant. Man’s mental faculties are exposed to knowledge. The power of knowledge has enabled man to use reason as a weapon to test the waters of existence. The age of ignorance where the prince and princess lived happily ever after has come to an end. The paradise has been lost and the age of reason prevails.


feminism_aint_a_dirty_word said...

Hmmm, so exactly which side of the fence are you on? would you rather swim through the muddy waters of darkness, or stand up to the blazing light of knowledge?

Its easy to say that its important to have the courage to stand up to the light of knowledge. That its cowardly and convenient to remain in ignorance. Oh yeah? Sez who? Isn't gaining knowledge (equivalent with dispelling darkness, for all reasons poetical :)) a cowardly choice in some ways? Does it not reflect a fear of the unknown, of the dark?

I don't make sense, do i? I never have. But what i mean to say in so many words is, is everything reducible to the realm of the known, and the familiar? Isnt it important to acknowledge that not everything in this world can be explained away? That its fascinating sometimes, to be in a state of not knowing.

Am still not making sense, right? I don't have to. Not everything is reducible to the realm of knowledge. :)

Its KJ, by the way

Dragon's Kin said...

hey...wat uve written is quite true...though i'd like to say, or believe rather, that hope springs from the unknown, however less trusted it might be..hence would it be to fair to say that the unkown gives us some sort of reassurance, in any way? Or would knowing that our imagination could crumble as a harsh reality dawns be a sign of waning confidence in our conscientous perception of our assigned reality? That is another question, altogether! No?