Sunday, April 22, 2007


The weather in the city is calm; the water in the lake is silent and motionless. The tranquility of the scene epitomizes perfection and divinity. It almost seems impossible and ‘make believe’. It is here that nature and human life converge. Life too has such instances where in the serenity of the situation almost seems too perfect to exist. There is beauty, happiness, satisfaction, what else does one really need? Man should be content with what he has because he has everything.

No. Here is where human life over rides nature. While nature does not have the power to think, man comprehends and craves for change. The stagnant waters of life denote lack of dynamism and change.

As weird as it may sound but it is true that man does not need perfection but still craves for it. For as soon as he gets it he realizes that this is the end of the road, there is no challenge and there is nothing ahead. All that is there is here and now. It is perfect but mundane, it is beautiful but boring, and there is happiness but no challenge.

Perfection becomes monotonous after a while. It marks the end of hope. Man needs imperfection to move ahead in life. If everything around us becomes prim and proper there will be no hope for betterment and hence no effort. This marks the end of productivity and improvement and undercuts change.

Often we hear people say, I want my life to be perfect and flawless. But when life does become perfect and flawless what then? What will you work towards? What will be your aim?

I do not say, that perfection is wrong or of no significance. It is the road ahead of perfection that does not seem to exist.

When you are faced with the perfection syndrome in your life and you have everything you have everything you aimed for. Now what?& what next? Where do you go and what do you do? The questions I pose to stagnant waters.

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