Saturday, March 27, 2010

Simple Pleasures Post 2: FLYING HIGH IN THE SKY

Looking at the bright blue skies and somewhere far away I can hear birds chirping. Some of those wonderful creatures have perched themselves on the branches and some are flying carelessly enjoying the true bliss of freedom.

Looking at birds in the expanse can be one of the most enthralling experiences. They are the true personification of freedom. Sometimes perched and sometimes gliding, birds are the most elegant and vibrant creations of the Almighty. The hues celebrate color, their form is symbolic of variety and their life is reflective of strong and firm self sustenance.

If we observe them carefully, they teach us the true meaning of persistence and survival. Flying miles for food, nurturing their young ones with utmost devotion and yet being truly free, are only some of the learning we can imbibe.

It’s truly amazing how much we can learn if we simply observe these speechless creatures. 

Just watching them flying high or perched on the trees, fills me with tranquility. The sense of respect and humility overpowers me and I realize that in the simple pleasure of observing simple creatures lies the true meaning of life.

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