Saturday, April 03, 2010


Simple pleasures lie in those beautiful moments we spend with people we connect with. The moments of mad laughter, the instances when you have done absolutely crazy stuff, the slow minutes when you lean on your friend’s shoulder and cry your heart out.
Am sure all of you have some dear one who is your best friend who has seen every facet of you. In the hustle bustle of our busy lives, its strangely peaceful to travel down memory lane and relive those moments when you bunked work to spend the day together or drank endlessly on a friday evening or just simply went for those long endless walks.

Those wonderful moments when you spend almost every waking hour with that one friend, talking about the vaguest thing that existed or was a figment of your imagination.

When we are living such moments we seldom realize that they will become an intrinsic part of our memory. It’s only when we have lived these moments do we see how beautiful they were and how it strengthened the most pure relationship that exists today i.e. friendship.

Moments when we haven’t cared about going back home on time or completing some pending chores or meeting professional commitments, moments of happiness, fun or emotional intimacy with our best friend are those beautiful glimpses of life that will always remain.

Today those friends might be beside you or might be far away but somewhere you always know that when you need them and reach out to them they will be right back in your life. Such is the power of those simple pleasures we experience which make strong bonds for life.


20:20 MEDIA said...
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Ila said...

Having a friend who understands you in and out and is there for you no matter what is the biggest blessing God can give you and the moments that you spend with this "biggest blessing" are truly the simplest and purest pleasures of our lives!! Cheers to my biggest blessing in life :)

Shilpa said...

very nice peaceful reading :) conveys exactly what we friends are about..and these are the simple every moment spent with u :)