Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A sunny afternoon in Delhi. The market crammed with people, the atmosphere choked with the hustle bustle of a city life. A regular summer week day and suddenly change in scene: green grass, cool and clean breeze, dense woods, the sweet smell of rain and the purity of the rain drop glistening on a luscious leaf.

The people have disappeared, replaced by a happy and simple couple enjoying by the lake. The hustle bustle of the city has given way to the chirping of birds and the soft rustle of the leaves. A regular summer workday has been ridiculed and shunned in the face of a tranquil and content life wherein mankind blossoms in the lap of nature. The man sees his child grow, and the women experience again the innocence of childhood with her children.

A simpleton living, in the lap of nature, away from the capitalist realm of reality. A dreamy eyed man with his close knit family basking in the glory of a content and peaceful life. He looks at his children being nurtured and groomed by mother earth. The flora and fauna become their best friends, teaching them the naughtiest of pranks and sharing with them the deepest nuances of life.

The family earns enough to have a respectable life; they do not have ambitious dreams and unfulfilled wants. They have happily given up materialistic cravings for the love of nature. They live in their cocoon and let the universe be their guiding light.

On a sunny afternoon in Delhi, I a realist saw life from the eyes of a dreamer. For a minute I felt the cool breeze, for a second the chirping birds soothed my nerves. Life from the eyes of a dreamer has the power to make you smile and make you live that selfless life, even if it is make believe, yet it makes you experience existence which is naturally simple & beautiful.

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