Sunday, April 25, 2010


The sultry wind lazily circles around me. The sound of the waves overpowers the noises of the city. It seems to engulf the monotony of daily life to show its supremacy. The sand beneath my feet is soft and soothing. Sticking on my ankles the waves touch my skin and beckon me to play with them. They tempt me to let loose and enjoy the moment.

I am at the beach, lost in the expanse of water, earth and air. The sand beneath my feet, the moist breeze and the crashing waves have intoxicated me and taken me with them to unknown territories. The choppy waters make me think of younger days when life was a heady mix of freedom, rebellion, mischief and innocence. The waters recede and crash and the sound of waves fills the air.

The obedient sand has been forced to settle down in the face of the dominant waters. The beauty of it still lies in the soothing effect it has the impressions it creates despite them being removed by the waters again and again. The sand reminds me of womanhood. A perfect woman embodies the spirit of the sand. Calm in the face of turmoil, persistent and doesn’t give up in adversity. She always lends her comfort to those who need it and finally is brave enough to move on and fearless enough to create impression again and again knowing that they won’t stay long and the tide of life will wash them away.

The air that encircles me brings with itself various aromas of life. The stench of fish speaks of the rustic yet natural life in the territory.

Far away I see the fisherman, the bhel puri walla, the chuski walla, the kids making houses of sand, the couple walking hand in hand. I see life in its various forms that whisper in my ears the mysteries and realities of life. The fisherman’s existence signifies that the key lies in finding ways to sustain and survive. The children building sand homes remind me of how we never seize to give up, the chuskti walla is silently saying that while you are alive enjoy every moment and the bhelpuri walla urges me to..spice up my life make it worth living.

While the beach is the supreme, the all powerful, the source of sustenance for all these life forms that live around it. The fisherman might die, the chuski walla might go away and the bhelpuri guy might shift base but the beach will always be there. The constant factor in the setting - the almighty!

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Shilpa said...

this is my favorite post...very nice..i wana go on a beach!!
n i love the way u compared sand to women.. Beautiful! :)