Monday, July 26, 2010


People often say that actions speak louder than words and undermine the power of words. They can create and devastate. They can touch you with joy and drown you sorrow and pain.

There are people in this world who are gifted with a blessed tongue. When they speak they shower pearls and flowers. Their words are like manna dew, they sooth the ruffled nerves, fulfill the latent desires of love, care and affection. Everyone loves to be loved and showered with affection and care. These are basic needs of a human being, sometimes kind words and phrases and sentence can show that love and give that warmth.  Selection and usage of words is an art. An art which cannot be acquired, it has to be by birth. It’s debatable to question the authenticity of the words. Despite their genuineness, they have the power to influence.

Sometimes it’s strange and scary to see what these words can do. They can make you fall in love, seethe with anger, make you green with jealousy. In a way it can transport you to a make believe world which is diverged from reality. They have a mystical way of painting a picture without a canvass or paints. Create a world which in reality might not exist. It’s a drug that can a give u a high and transport you to a world you dreamt of.

Now let’s flip the coin, words can rip you, make you bleed and cause pain that no medicine can cure. Words can cause wounds. Harsh and mean words have the power to break relationships.  A person with a pure heart and honorable intentions if chooses words rashly can witness unfavorable repercussions. Harsh words are often a result of anger and are not measured and calculated. Here too words can cause untold misery just like they created a garden of love. A person might not mean a word of what he says but the listener understands what is spoke and not what is unsaid. Words used in anger might carry no meaning but by their sheer intensity can create havoc.

In a nutshell, the character of words is questionable. The mastery with which it is crafted can never give you an idea of what the intent is, thereby questioning its honesty. Words shape opinions sometimes true and sometimes false ones. Words give pain as well as joy. They have the ability to make you experience the extremes. Words at the same time can very well create a make believe world of anguish or ecstasy. In all scenarios, actions might speak louder than words but words have the power to move to create ripples.

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