Thursday, September 23, 2010


We often hear people say ‘you made my day’ or ‘meeting you was so much fun’ and similar such statements which denotes that we as human beings attach happiness to situations, people and activity. It might be true that meeting friends and loved ones makes one feel happy or an instance makes us feel ecstatic, but seldom do we realize that this happiness is momentary and the source of this feeling does not lie in us. The source of this happiness is external and hence the feeling is momentary.

Opinion on this varies but, the truth is, that happiness lies within us. In our heart, mind and the environment WE create.

The rain this year created havoc in our lives. The overcast sky, the glistening raindrops, smell of the rain and the cool breeze would soothe ruffled nerves and give joy to some. On the other hand, some found the rain depressing and gloomy. This is a perfect example of how we perceive our external environment differently and associate the feeling of joy and sorrow with it.

When bogged down by daily chores and stuck in the rut of life we tend to let the circumstances and situations overpower us. Our happiness and sadness at that point is not governed by us, it is dictated by the situation.
It’s important that we step aside and adopt an inside out approach. Delve deep within us and find the resolve to be happy. Create an environment for happiness not just for us but for everyone around us. Only if you are a happy person will you be able to share happiness.

If you are a negative person who cribs and complains, you are unconsciously creating a similar environment around you which reflects the same. This is when you start depending on external sources for happiness. Sources that will give you joy, which unfortunately is short lived.

With the break of dawn you wake up, consume fresh air and soak up the sun. You reconvene with yourself and connect with nature. Sync up your mind and soul and make a simple resolve. Open your eyes look at the beauty around you. Be thankful for what you have. Offer gratitude for what you are blessed with, seek forgiveness for the wrong you have done (Am sure there will be coz you are after all human) and acquire strength to do the right thing and make your environment happy and peaceful.

I am by no means trying to preach. Neither am I saying that you should become religious. What I write above are not pearls of wisdom, but often while walking on the road of life we tend to forget the simple meaning of introspection. We are so busy running that we forget to pause, breathe and take a sip of water to rejuvenate.
Introspection and looking for peace and happiness within oneself is the ‘pause’ we all know that we need to take but for some strange reason we don’t. We spend most of our lives looking at what others have done and seldom look at what can I do to restore happiness & peace  for myself.

 At the end of the day, happiness is infectious. You tend to spread it only if you have it. So smile J J

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