Sunday, November 21, 2010


We often come across words that have multiple meaning and can be customized as per our understanding. Words like faithful, happy, peace, honesty- all of them have great moral significance with diverse ramifications.

More important and far tougher is the practical use of these words. However an irony exits there too. It might be difficult and utopian to understand and practice  but we seldom realize that in simple things and in daily life the meaning of these words can be realized.

Peace for example doesn’t only mean ‘no war’, amicable relations with neighboring countries, no bloodshed. These are just instances, larger than life, where we wish to see peace. Peace exists in the tranquility of the morning when you breathe clean fresh air, soak in the sun and hear the sound of birds chirping. Peace exists in making someone smile when the person is feeling low. It exhibits itself in talking things out when misconceptions exist. It presents itself in each and every amicable bond we share. It is nothing more than a state of tranquility and calm that we all strive for in life.

When we are restless, walking on the road of negativity, using our brains to manufacture suspicion, insecurity, jealousy and more of those negative emotions what gets disturbed is our own inner peace.  

I read somewhere that it we who control our life condition and it’s we who elevate us to be a calmer and peaceful person. Easier said than done but yes if we are determined to find peace something in us will make us work towards it. When I want to go out at night to let my hair down and I have tons of work to do, the mere want to go will make me put in double the effort in my work and ensure I go out and have a good time.
If we can use determination to our advantage in our professional life then why can we not use it in achieving inner peace and a state of mental tranquility?

What am sharing here are not pearls of wisdom but a highly practical thought which revolves around the fact that ‘words’ that according to us are utopian and too moral for us to accept are actually simple if we really come doing to understanding and putting them to use in our life.

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