Thursday, December 23, 2010


I can hear it fall gently drop by drop and settle itself on the leaf. I can feel its magnanimity when it flows royally. I can relate to its naughty and free form when it drops down like a ‘fall’ and sometimes even feel the tranquility of it in a puddle.

The beauty of water lies in its myriad forms and sounds.

The sound of raindrops pelting, almost deafening and incessant; enthralls all life forms.

The sound of the river –loud and powerful permeating the air subtly conveys the magnanimity of it. The river is considered pious in some places and therapeutic on some occasions. The constant sound of the water gushing along in a river overpowers man and sometimes says, ‘I rule the land and am worthy of worship’.

Far on the highway I see a waterfall, water racing down free, loud, mischievous, and frothy white. Hitting against the rocks, mist all around, softening the edges of the rocks with its aggression, dominance and force. Amidst the lush trees, I hear the wild sound of the water interspersed with the docile sound of the wind. I am awestruck by its wild and carefree form.

It has rained, the water has settled. In my balcony I see a small puddle of water. Silent and still, glistening in the sunlight.

I look at it and smile in amazement, at the paradox that exists when you look at the wild waterfall or the powerful river and now this silent puddle. Such diverse form and sounds makes me wonder about the unfathomable variety that exists in just one illustration of nature.

It makes me relate it to the inexplicable temperament of mankind- profound and beyond comprehension. Sometimes wild as the waterfall and sometimes calm like the puddle. Man and nature similar in a lot ways yet pools apart.

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