Monday, March 14, 2011

The conspiracy theory revealed...

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. A line we have often heard. Am sure if this statement has come true for you , it has made you feel overwhelmed and you almost believe that miracles happen!

However the truth is that it is not a miracle that has happened. It is you who has created the universe for what you have wanted. Thoughts, words, actions – call it the harmonious trio that has led you to your victory.
The thought of goal creation and the dream of achieving it, followed by words that motivate and urge you to move forward and finally lead to action to take concrete steps to achieve your dream. This is the universe that you have created that has resulted in victory.

I know I make it sound logical and simple, while it might not be all that easy. But if you carefully observe, you will see that there is almost a mysterious yet beautiful synergy that exists between thoughts, words and action. How one leads to another tells the story of success and struggle. The convergence of one with the other is almost like the journey of a river from its inception in the hill to its final submission in the sea.

Just like our environment is a reflection of ourselves, similarly the universe is a reflection of our thoughts, words and actions. If the three are disjointed then there will be no harmony in the universe too. If we dare to dream but suffer from negativity and procrastination, our universe will throw the same vibes back to us. However, if we want to soar high , equip ourselves with positivity and the courage to take action, the harmony will be created. We would have pulled the right strings to produce the perfect music.

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