Thursday, March 03, 2011


He was soft spoken, meek and seemed like the most harmless person you would have ever met. She was petite, innocent, and was a gentle dainty darling. No one could ever imagine that such calm and tender looking people could have a  raging bull taking shelter in their soul.

People might look calm and tender on the exterior but the truth is all of us have a bull hiding in us. A bull that makes us range between strong and stubborn, firm and inflexible, headstrong and insensitive.

The stronger the bull more extreme is the predicament in which we can be stubborn, insensitive and inflexible. However, the power we give to the bull is in our hands. Time and life teaches us how to control the bull. If we let the animal loose it will push us to the extreme.

We all have a bull in us, sometimes dormant and in some cases predominant.

We can control it but not kill it because at the end of the day, the bull has its virtues. It helps us be strong during rough times, be firm when circumstances are making us weak and be headstrong to achieve our goals.

While the dainty darling weathered the storm and learnt to pull the reins. The soft spoken guy meandered now between the bullish extremes, unable to use the leash.

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