Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Powerhouse!

She clung to it with her life. Delicate fingers clasped round it, sticky palms itching to loosen the grip but her mind said “hold on to your stick or else you will fall and hurt yourself”. She listened to the voice that came from her head.

She started to live with the belief that the strength lies in the stick. It is her only support that will make her stand. She could lean on it and face the world bravely. This also somewhere reflects that she inwardly believed that she is weak and cannot stand without support.

We are all a lot like this woman. The only difference is we do not have a stick to lean on but we have our logical thinking and reason which we use as our stick that will give us support throughout our lives. We use our head to rationalize everything. Sometimes to such an extent, that we start to plan and influence our future.

One day, by some cosmic stroke of luck, the woman lost grip of her stick and what she feared happened. She fell. The stick broke. She looked around for help, for support but the only source that she found was herself. She had no choice but to muster courage and try to stand on her own two feet. She tried once, she failed, she tried again and stood up a bit. Her legs trembled, her eyes wet. She stood up and looked around, except her, everything was unchanged.

All of us have a similar situation in life, when we are left with no choice but to stand. No choice but to look inward and find that reservoir of strength which we thought lies outside. We let reason and logic deafen us and subdue the faint yet strong inner voice. It’s true when someone says, “you yourself are a powerhouse of energy waiting to be tapped and explored and the day you do that, you will truly be ‘self contained’.”

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