Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Can the water ever be absolutely clean? Can the air ever be completely pure? Impurities are as much a part of life as it in nature. The strange part is that all of us sometime or the other think that we are perfect or set an expectation that we are perfect and can never go wrong.

Seldom do we realize that perfection is not a state of being, it is a goal to live for. A goal all of us strive to achieve in our lives. Sometimes we achieve it in some sphere of life but slacken in the other. But the key never lies in achieving it, it lies in striving for it. Just like they say the destination doesn’t matter what matters is the journey. Similarly, how we gradually remove the impurities in us matters more than bliss we achieve at the end of it.

And there is no guarantee that we will not slip up. We will fall again and again but how quickly we get up and start walking truly signifies progress. All this is easier said than done and somewhere it is true that only when you experience rough patches in life do you realize how to overcome them. You will never know what fire can do till the time u touch it.

If the purest things in nature like air and water can be impure then we are mere mortals and are full of impurities. But the man who all his life strives to remove these impurities is the man who truly has lived his life and will be remembered and respected not for his feats but for the person he became.

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