Monday, February 14, 2011


The water in the river was gushing with a passionate fury. The bright blue water, running down continuously with the same force and pace.  From where did the water come?  No one knew. I looked up at the bright blue sky; it enveloped flora, fauna, me (the mere human being) and my race. Where did it originate from? No one knows.

Under the bright blue sky, I sat on a rock near the river, the water hits against the rock and softened it too.  I looked at the rock, the sky and the river and realized that the most bountiful things in life have no source no origin and yet are so powerful that they can soften a rock.

Love, compassion , strength might be mere words but  if you really think are as vast and as bountiful as the water gushing in the river and the bright blue sky that encompasses us all.

Strength again is just like the river, which has so much power that it can help us overcome any rock like obstacle that comes our way. The power of the water is such that it overpowers and subsumes.

And finally the amalgamation of all. Strength to give love and compassion despite all odds continuously and passionately. As bountiful as the skies and as consistent as the everflowing water in the river. Where it comes from no one knows, where it goes too is unknown, but in its journey from birth to final conclusion all it does is GIVE!!

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