Monday, February 21, 2011

MOTHER: The Creator Who Cannot Tailor Make

She was soft like silk and harmless like a feather quilt. There was a glimmer of innocence in her eyes and her soft voice reminded me of the delicate sound of the wind chimes. Carefully etched fingers would clasp round my grown up finger and she would, joyfully play in the air with her arms and legs.

A miracle of God, healthy and bright, a bundle of happiness, called –CHILD. I am amazed to see how beautifully we have been given the power to create life. But the strange part is that we might be endowed to create life but God did not give us the power to customize it. To all the mothers out there, you have given birth to life but have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a happy, healthy and normal child.

I sit down and think about those mothers who gave birth but were not blessed with normal children. Some born with deformities and with mental disabilities are permanently handicapped to lead a normal life. The happiness of giving birth clouded by the sadness of seeing your child leading an incomplete life is heart wrenching.

While we get the power to give birth but it is mysteriously shrouded by forces unknown to us. Call it past karma or destiny. We can create life but not define its composition.

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Ronnie Dauber said...

While it's true that we have the ability to create a physical child, it's also true that God is the only one with the power to give life. And since He is the creator of mankind we need to take your thought a step further and say that God loves every child ever born regardless of their abilities, and through faith He also has the power to heal. God is good.