Monday, February 07, 2011


Ever thought about a simple action, innocent and pure, with effects that are universal? 

It was a bright winter afternoon. The sun mischievously playing hide and seek from behind the clouds. The breeze was gently warm, heralding the onset of spring. Lost in my thoughts, I was walking towards the park, when my eyes stumbled upon a beaming face. My reverie was shattered, my eyes widened with surprise. In front of me was this strange lady, flashing a warm million dollar smile at me. Strange because I didn’t know her. Surprised because the 1st thought that came to my head was, ‘she doesn’t even know me and she is smiling like she’s known me forever?’  In my lost and found state I just looked back, and before I could realize, I had a warm smile on my face too.

Sometimes in life you come across these unknown angels who without knowing you touch your lives in a strange way. A friend of mine says, it’s all about the energy. An energy that surrounds you and the same you exuberate. The smile of that lady touched something deep inside. The warmth of her being was transmitted by her smile. The vibes she gave not only comforted me but made me reciprocate as well.

I come to believe that a happy person emits happiness not only to people he knows but to everyone around him. Something as harmles as a smile can make someone’s day, can communicate without words and in a flash of a second can give happiness which is priceless. 

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